Dheeraj Batra has enabled to work with several companies - ranging from startups to Fortune 500 – across the world to help them develop innovative ideas and concepts

Dheeraj Batra is a serial entrepreneur leveraging human centered design (HCD) to build high-impact ventures. He is the Co-Founder and MD of DLabs, a Design-led business incubator hosted at the Indian School of Business in Hyderabad, India. DLabs leverages HCD to help entrepreneurs accelerate their innovations to marketand address their toughest challenges.

He is also the Co-Founder and Director of Arogya Finance, a revolutionary financing venture that lends to those cannot afford to pay for their healthcare expenses. Arogya has developed a proprietary methodology that allows it to evaluate the credit-worthiness of and lend topeople who do not have access to traditional means of financing. These hard to reach individuals- those who lack a credit history, formal proof of income, collateral, etc.- still comprise the vast majority of the Indian demographic.

Prior to Arogya, Dheeraj helped IDEO establish its India presence and also served asits Head of Business Design. Before that, Dheeraj focused on building businesses in India as a Director at Innosight Ventures. At Innosight, Dheeraj was a key architect and led the on-the-ground implementation for Healthy Heart for All. This nationwide initiative for Medtronic in India has amassed tremendous success and is now a subject of an HBR case study.

Specialties: Business Incubation & Entrepreneurship, Design Thinking, Strategy, Disruptive Innovation, Emerging Markets, Lean Startup