Bajrang Shah, An adventurer at heart with many laurels in Adventure sports including world records, a serial entrepreneur, networking specialist, Founder and Managing Director. Managing Director of Amaze Infotainment and KS Digisoft(JUSTASEC). Advisor to ‘India Demo Day, Indian School of Business, a Mentor for start-ups and a Networking specialist. Also an accomplished aesthetic conceptualizer, Leisure and Tourism Expert.


Bajrang Shah, breaking away from the family business ventured into IT sector, is the Founder and Managing Director of Amaze Infotainment Pvt. Ltd, Hyderabad established in 2013, an IT sector company wherein, the core business is Amaze AR, Amaze Experience AR, Industry Applications, Education Applications and Edutainment Applications.


Amaze Infotainment is in a partnership MOU with Ministry of HR and Education, Govt. of India for developing NCERT eBook Reader, Delivering NCERT Text Books on hand held devices (mobile phone) for students featuring the ease of creating an offline library to make students bag free. The content size is to the tune of 300 tetra bytes and for the same Amaze Infotainment is on the lookout for partner/s who can join hands and develop content for augmented reality for all the text books for the Govt. of India


Bajrang Shah is also, the founder and Managing Director of KS Digisoft which developing an innovative, unique and futuristic mobile app. ‘JUSTASEC’ (Location based services app.). Amaze Infotainment is incubating ‘JUSTASEC’. This innovative app helps users to discover Search…View ... Locate… hospitals, medical stores, police stations besides other generic utilities viz. local businesses, shops, restaurants and other places of interest. JUSTASEC is poised to unleash a revolution in the digital marketing space by making location based marketing accessible to both large national brands as well as individual retailers. Today, differently abled individuals form the core team of this yeomen project.