AR Book

Digital content in the form of 3D interactive models, audio, videos, and animations cannot be printed on books. Yet these are very powerful means of explaining concepts for learning. AR Book is a book that can show augmented content contextually on a printed book, adding new dimensionality to the book.

AR Book is a regular book that has been instrumented in some ways (with additional markers printed on it) to provide context to the AR Book application running on a mobile or a tablet. The AR Book software running on the portable device views the physical book through the camera, and displays the same on the screen. When a context occurs while viewing the book with the AR Book application, it shows additional content on the screen as if it really exists on the book. This content could be interactive 3D models, videos with audio, animations or just audio. Currently the AR Book application is available for Android devices.

  • AR Books reduce the dependency on the internet, and the search overheads associated with it, to get supplementary information while reading the books. The supplementary information gets contextually augmented to the Book when using the AR Book application Gives the power of authoring the book to Teachers who can customize the content they wish to augment to the Books they use.
  • A simple to use Authoring Tool is available to author AR Books.
  • AR Book application is available as “.apk” file and can run on any Android device with a back camera and has sufficient memory to store the content of the book, and there is no need to be connected to the net once the book content is downloaded and available in the device memory
  • The AR Book can augment content stored in many file formats that include the following: JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, MP3, OBJ, MP4, etc.
  • The AR Book can be used in conjunction with the AR Board in a smart classroom scenario
  • Context to content associations can be modified by the author of the AR Book, without the need to re-print the AR Book

Who can use?

  • AR Book authors (Teachers) can use the AR Book to customize the content to suite the learning patterns of their students where applicable
  • The AR Book application can also be used to create AR greeting cards, AR Brochures, etc
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