AR Board

AR Board is a virtual writing board on which a user can write with a laser pointer by using projection based AR Technology. It creates a virtual environment for contextual information presentation and facilitates real-time interaction with the content. It is a cost effective solution in Board Rooms, Class Rooms and Discussion Rooms.


  • Portable and easy to setup and use anywhere indoors (no wall mounting or fixtures required)
  • Virtual contactless writing/drawing even from a distance, using the laser pen. This is an unique feature not supported by most smart boards, where the user has to come near the board to write on it
  • Standard features similar to computer drawing tools like MS Paint (save, retrieve, undo, redo, line color and width selection)
  • Special features like symmetric drawing for creative artists
  • AR Mode of operation in which the user can contextually project images and animations on the board
  • Since the drawings are vector drawings, minimal memory is required to save the drawings
  • Vector drawings also require lesser bandwidth to transmit across networks for enabling remote collaborations over the internet
  • Seamless interaction with the content projected on the board (move images on the board, make virtual markings on the content, etc.)
  • A simple to use Authoring Tool is available for the users to author their own presentations and classroom sessions, when the board is used in the AR mode
  • The AR Board can be used in conjunction with the AR Book in a smart classroom scenario

Environment Setup:

A standard setup with a light projector connected to a computer is required. This is quite common in classrooms, Board rooms/Discussion rooms these days. In addition to this the AR board application running on the computer needs a webcam to be connected to the computer and facing the projector screen.

Use Cases:

  •    Boardrooms, Discussion Rooms
  •    Classrooms
  •    A powerful drawing tool for some physically challenged people